What is your athletes’ availability rate? Are your athletes coping with competition- and training-induced physical and mental stressors?


Injuries, illnesses, and poor health means absence or reduction from the normal training regime and competition requirements.

Coaches and performance managers assess many factors related to athletes’ health, including workload levels and the effectiveness of recovery processes, and adapt training to control observed health-risks.

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The value of athlete monitoring data is proportional to the objectives and design of the measurement system itself.

Our expertise and experience will help you to gain an edge in developing and implementing a sustainable and effective health monitoring process.


Our automated and user-friendly tools enable you to understand the effect of the applied training and competition regime on athletes’ health, wellbeing, and performance in real-time.

These insights help you to understand and manage the observable risks of injuries and illness for each individual athlete while pushing them to improve.

The Quanter mobile app connects coaches to the daily stream of events, availability and athletes’ subjective training load and recovery data.

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